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Blue Galaxy Cat Resin Charm

This is a little throwback to when I first started making resin charms. I didn't have any colored pigments dyes yet so I used acrylic paint.

I only had think liquid acrylic paint and had heard that if you mixed it into resin, it would have a harder time curing.

So, instead I decided to just paint the resin to get the desired color.

In the video you'll see me first add a layer of clear UV resin, cure it and then paint it with acrylic paint.

It worked pretty well but my tip would leave the paint to dry overnight. I was rushing it for the video and hadn't let it dry properly before the next layer so there are some parts where the paint was scratched away because I used a needle tool to spread out the glitter layer.

For your colored UV resin to turn out better, you can get some pearl resin pigment here.

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